Tuesday, October 25, 2016

St. Louis Blues Morning Links: Home Cookin’

Blues fans good morning! Our local team is back in their homes, beds, kitchens and back on their home ice as well. They will try to open this homestand with a win over Calgary tonight.

The St. Louis Blues are in a very good position after six games. They have nine points in total and currently lead the Central Division of the NHL.

What's even better is that the Blues could, and some might argue should have all 12 points. It is always difficult to ask to understand which team would go unbeaten for six games on the door, but if not for the Blues stubbing their own toes, it could have been.

Yet there are reasons to be happy. Despite some injury problems at the start, the team pressed on and fought through it.

St. Louis does not need to stay healthy because the targets will be harder to find if programming must be done on as it was for a few games last week. As long as the team is missing a piece here or there, or at least not the main centers, the Blues should be good.

Position in today's game against Calgary, the Blues are looking for a repeat after scoring just six goals last Saturday. They will likely face the same goalkeeper as well.

Calgary is coming off a solid victory in shooting barrage in Chicago. Brian Elliott played, pushing 31 shots and seven in the shooting, but it means he is unlikely to play against the Blues tonight.

I would think that it was not on purpose, but it will be disappointing if the Blues do not get to face him at all this season. If Moose does not play tonight, the only other chance to face him when the Flames would come to St. Louis on March 25.

But that's just for the fans. The team needs to win, no matter who is in net against them. Keep a clean game in progress and the Blues should do.

The game tonight against Calgary begins three game home stand for. It will also be the third home game of the season so far.

Here are your links St. Louis Blues morning to get your day started right.

For full details of the meeting tonight, including starting goaltender Blues, JR Post has you covered. (STLtoday)

The Flames ended up 2/5 on the power play against Chicago. Before success was a unit looking very dark. So much so that there have already been calls for new assistant coach Dave Cameron ax. (Flame for Thought)

David Perron was useless until unleashing the Flames last week. He was fine with that, proving he has matured and he also is to love his new responsibilities. (STLtoday)

There is nothing funny about the story behind the story, since St. Louisans will probably lose jobs, but Scottrade will be redeemed. This will lead to a different name, again, to the arena of Blues. (Arch Authority)

Have a day of great lovers of blues! Hopefully we discuss tomorrow a victory.

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